Decorative Tile Mural
Ceramic Portraits

Company Inception

Initially the core business of Thermodigital was in the creation of outdoor and indoor murals using industrial porcelain,a man made product, which offers a higher durability and strength than granite or marble. Our murals are carefully baked on the porcelains at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result our creations do not scratch or fade in any weather conditions. The project below is in Ontario.It is embedded in the sidewalk. The tiles are walked on, rained on, snowed on, baked by the sun and generally abused by pets with no deterioration in quality.

Memorial Markers

In 2010, the company introduced our memorial markers with bronze frames. Our product offers a greater personalization options while conforming to uniformity guidelines within cemeteries. Our marker and frame durable, eye appealing and attractively priced. This product is designed to meet the needs of today’s price sensitive market.